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A pet professional you can trust... Contact us on WhatsApp +34 640 15 69 89

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It's not a job, it's a lifestyle

By prioritising animal welfare and customer satisfaction, DTTC has fashioned a fantastic reputation for first-rate pet care and services as well as winning awards in and around Melbourne, Australia, and now we're offering that same great service, here in Ibiza. ​Size, shape, colour is irrelevant… Fluffy, wiry, curly or coarse, ALL BREEDS ARE WELCOME! I believe your pet deserves the best. If you’re committed to spoiling your four-legged friend you’ll soon see the difference my special service will make. We pride ourselves on offering a one on one service with no interruptions or distractions. We only ever use positive reinforcement along with TTouch during grooms. Even the most difficult to groom respond well to the atmosphere Dressed To The Canines provides, a lot are even calm and playful. Your pet will notice the difference, your pet will know this is just for them. We know how much your pet means to you which is why we're qualified, fully insured and take great pride in my work… We love what we do and it shows! ​GIVE YOUR PET A PAWSITVE EXPERIENCE!!! Come meet us at DTTC and see what all the barking is about!


Our Services

Our goal is to provide your dog with a high quality grooming service in a safe and relaxing environment.​ Dressed To The Canines is passionate about pampering your pooch with exceptional care, whilst using top of the range natural and organic products. We welcome you to our boutique salon, store and cat hotel. You can be sure they're in good hands while you enjoy a break. Stocking the best quality foods, health supplements, toys and accessories for your beloved furry friends. We also offer a pawtastic pick up and drop off service for pets and products as well as organising local dog shows, training events and free doggy meet ups!​ WANT TO LOCK IN OUR FURBULOUS PRICES LONG TERM? ASK ABOUT VIP SCHEME... FOR VERY IMPORTANT PETS!

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    Hairdressing Session

    Includes styling, clipping and trimming, bath with conditioner, fluff dry, ear clean, facial, teeth treatment and nail trim. Prices from...


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    Cat Hotel

    Secure cat hotel. Our service includes weekly video/photo updates, 24 hour feliway, dry food and all the love and attention necessary. Price per day.


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    Teeth Cleaing

    Anaesthetic free teeth cleaning. Stronger teeth, healthier gums and a fresh breath with emmi-pet's patented 100% ultrasound oral care system for pets. Removes harmful bacterial plaque.


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    Spa Facial

    A lavish Brightening Facial designed to reduce tear stains massaged into your dogs muzzle and face, cleanses whilst removing dirt, beard and tear stains. Gentle enough that it can be used on the face and will not sting the eyes- 'tearless' formula.


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    Cleanse and scrub of paws and nails, thorough paw wash, nail clip and finished off with a paw massage with a hemp balm paw massage to protect, soothe and moisturise all year round. PRICE FROM


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    Horse Haircuts

    Full and partial clips available at your yard.


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    Home Delivery & Collection Service

    We deliver food & products as well as collect your pets for their spa session. Island wide. PRICE FROM


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    Healthy Dog Food & Treats

    We supply the Islands healthiest and best brands of food, treats and supplements for your pets. Our brands include but are not limited to Puromenu, Edgard & Cooper, Firm Up, Super Shrooms, Natural Greatness, Amanova & many more.

Our Team

Meet our experienced team at DTTC.



Branch Manager


Sheila Tequila

Assistant Branch Manager


Jaritta aka Geri

Company Mascot


Victoria Taylor




A groomer to be grateful for...

Nell Shakespeare

"Victoria is a groomer to be grateful for! My small, old, three-legged and leishmaniasis positive little treasure actually loves getting a spruce from Victoria and is always bouncing with joy after, smelling and looking great! Absolutely recommend!"


Anaesthetic free teeth cleaning...

Barbara Clayton

"These photos are of our dog Lilly. She is 16 and a half years old and is too old to be sedated to have her teeth cleaned. She was nervous and wriggled about the first couple of times but she got used to it. A great big chunk of plaque fell out at home after the 2nd session (as seen in the photo) -as well as more after the last session! Not only are her teeth cleaner but her gums look much healthier too."


Cat hotel happy cats

Leslie Warren Duncan

"Jujube and Jamun always come back in excellent, happy shape from their stay in Victoria's hotel, which makes it much easier to plan any trip away from the island."


Best friend love...

Christine Jeffery

"We rescued our Bichon/Maltese last December and the poor mite was in a dreadful state. Pre rescue - Victoria gave us so much info and support! The day we got her victoria managed to get her straight in for a much needed bath, the care of the staff at DTTC is outstanding. From that day on, we have had continued love and support. Elsie is booked in every few weeks and the reminders are so helpful 🙏 she’s a nervous doggie but the loving arms of Victoria (and her staff) make us (all) feel loved, wanted and cared for. Like leaving Elsie at nursery I always get a good feeling about knowing she’ll be in fantastic hands! She comes back tail wagging smooth soft and smelling divine. Perfectly trimmed every time. Victorias wealth of knowledge re food for Elsie’s funny tummy has also been well accepted, she’ll even research the latest and order it if she can. We always feel like Elsie gets ‘best friend’ love, but I think EVERY furry gets this fabulous woman’s welcome. Cannot thank you all enough what a different Elsie we now have! ❤️"


Immaculate standard...

James Marshall

"Victoria clipped my horse to an immaculate standard, I was told by his owner he was difficult to clip however Victoria made it look easy and I’m extremely happy with the result."


In good hands...

Inès Amari

"I highly recommend this pet hotel. I left my cat, Monamie, for two weeks at Dressed To The Canines as I was away from Ibiza. On a regular basis, I received photos and videos of my cat looking happy :). And when I came back from my trip my cat was beautiful, healthy and super happy. She was clearly taken care of and in good hands. I will definitely use your services again. Many thanks for taking care of Monamie."

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Terms and Conditions

PET GROOMING> We always do everything we possibly can to make sure your pet’s time in the salon is as pleasant as possible. Unfortunately, occasionally grooming can expose a previously hidden medical issue, or aggravate a current one. This can happen during or after grooming.
It is possible that an accident could occur during grooming. Upmost care and caution will always be taken, but cuts, scratches, nicks and quicking of nails could occur. Dressed To The Canines will not be responsible for any conditions or problems discovered during grooming.
Dressed To The Canines will not be responsible for accidental death of the pet as a result of any pre-existing health condition.
Should Dressed To The Canines determine, at it’s sole discretion, that urgent veterinary care is required, I agree to pay all associated fees and costs. If my pet’s vet is not available, I authorize Dressed To The Canines to use its chosen vet. Dressed To The Canines will not be liable for any after-grooming effects of de-matting, clipping or brushing procedures, or problems uncovered on a badly matted or otherwise neglected coat including, but not limited to, skin redness, itchiness, or self-inflicted irritations from excessive external scratching or rubbing. Time and costs associated with de-matting are unpredictable. I agree to pay whatever fees are incurred as a result of de-matting. Whether a dog is matted is at the sole discretion of Dressed To The Canines.
Dogs With Fleas: Owner MUST inform Dressed To The Canine if a pet has fleas upon arrival so it can be treated instantly. Any pet with fleas will be treated at an additional charge of €10. Dressed To The Canines takes great pride in keeping the salon clean so no fleas is a must! We can only take care of part of your flea problem by treating your dog, treating the environment is up to you. We recommend you use a monthly flea treatment at home.
I agree that I have truthfully informed Dressed To The Canines if my pet has ever bitten another animal or a human, or if they have any other aggressive tendencies. I agree and understand that I will be held solely responsible for any injury, harm or damage to property caused by my pet reserves the right to refuse to groom a pet in an unsatisfactory state, including, but not limited to, behavioural issues, fleas, ticks, other parasites or kennel cough.
Dressed To The Canines operates a strict policy on missed appointments and I agree to that if I need to change an appointment I will notify Dressed To The Canines no less than 24 hours before the booked appointment. If insufficient notice is given, I agree to pay 100% of the estimated grooming charges. If appointments are missed on a regular basis, pre-payment will be required.
I agree that Dressed To The Canines may take photo's or video's of my pet for portfolio and marketing purposes.
I hereby confirm that I understand and agree to all points stated above.